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Get up and do stuff, here's why...

  • Alive
    Going out doing things gives us a true sense of aliveness
  • Anticipation
    The excitement of looking forward to something adds a positive dimension to our lives
  • Business
    Working well gives people a real sense of achievement and satisfaction. Highly productive and successful people have a strong belief in what they do, a clear understanding of how to progress and a desire to make things happen. They listen and learn and perform at every level. Live business activities stimulate this and support well connected, highly networked confident companies and organisations.
  • Challenging Norms
    Many live performances challenge stereotypes and current thinking, offering new solutions to age old problems or just a new viewpoint which stimulates debate
  • Chemistry
    A physical chemical that is released when we are close up and personal with others that we find exciting. This is not just a sexual thing it can be released being around people in platonic settings too
  • Closeness
    Often you see couples holding hands or families holding hands when they are at events this is part of the essential glue that binds us
  • Confidence
    Getting out doing things builds confidence
  • Connection
    When we go out and do things we are around other people who are likeminded and enthusiastic this gives us a feeling of connection, an idea we are not alone
  • Curiosity
    Being curious is a healthy state of mind - it means you are open to possibility, alive
  • Discussion
    By doing different things you can join in conversations with friends and families and even passing strangers and tell them things you are up to
  • Distraction
    The mind needs distraction from worries and anxieties, events and live stuff offers a positive distraction from the daily grind
  • Energy
    We get energy from everything that surrounds us, live activities generate energy for everyone taking part
  • Fascination
    Seeing what people are doing, crafts and skills they exhibit we are taken into a satisfying state of fascination
  • Grace
    Looking at fine art takes us into a state of grace as we contemplate the human skill that has gone into the work and the story being told
  • Happiness
    A feeling of being alive creates chemicals in the brain which we experience as happiness, getting out and taking part, learning and discovering creates oodles of happiness
  • Inspiration
    We find other people inspiring, their talent and determination helps us to see that things are possible, that things are happening, when we experience these close up it makes them real to us and gives us the idea we could do that too
  • Joy
    Another great mood to experience, being around friends, sharing ideas and being creative gives us joyful times
  • Knowledge
    It's not about power, it's about wisdom. As you build knowledge and apply that knowledge so your life opens up wider
  • Laughter
    Going out and doing interesting things gives us a good mood which makes it easier to find things to laugh about. Laughter adds to the wellbeing we feel
  • Learning
    We find we are slowly and surely learning new things and growing this leads to a sense of meaning in our life
  • Memories
    Memories give us meaning. We remember who we are often through what we've done.
  • Mood
    Great experiences alter our mood, which help us feel better and change the way our brains work. They make us more positive about our lives.
  • Neo
    The word for new, our brain loves new things and new ideas, get out and discover your curiosity gene
  • Open
    When we are open to each other and to other cultures we find our world expands and becomes exciting and inspiring
  • Promise
    We all have so much promise. Take yourself out and about and you will experience different sights and sounds, meet new people and enjoy new insights.
  • Quiet
    Reflecting on what's going on in the world gives us a welcome break from multi-screen stimulus
  • Relaxation
    Enjoying a day out fishing or pursuing any special interest can offer a fab way to relax and to recharge
  • Roam
    Too much of our lives are dictated by the clock, make time to roam again, without an agenda or a to do list
  • Stray
    Stray from the norm, find places you don't normally visit and drop by, stand and stare for a while, notice what's all around you
  • Togetherness
    Is a warm feeling that comes from sharing a day out with family and friends
  • Understanding
    When we watch another and listen and learn we understand a little more about ourselves and those around us
  • Victory
    Whether it's ours or another's there is a rush of euphoria that we feel when we experience triumph
  • Willingness
    Willingness to go beyond our usual habits and routines breathes new life into our world
  • Youthful
    That's how we feel when we refresh our world through real life experiences on a moment by moment, basis
  • Zest
    The life force that runs through us when we are excited by our place in the world

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